I have a Bachelors of the Arts degree from the Wingate Institute in Israel, specializing in the rehabilitation of invalids. I have a Master's degree in public administration, from the Clark University, USA and another Master's degree in Administration and Logistics, from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel.  I am a graduate of Nursing Home Management at the Tel-Aviv University. I served, in mandatory, permanent and reserve duty, in a special unit in the IDF.   I am happily married to my wife, Vered, and a proud father of three children, Yuval, Nitzan and Tal.

We live in the Ein Vered Moshav in the Sharon region of Israel.

For many years, my personal hobby has been is road bike riding.

Experience in the Field of Protected Living:

I have been involved in the field of protected living for over 20 years now, in numerous administration positions. For many years I worked at two large and advanced protected living houses in the Sharon region, and was involved from the preliminary processes of populating them and until their full operation.

I Believe

I believe, with all my heart, in providing top-quality professional and reliable service, in all of the topics concerning residences and personal and medical security. I believe that this is crucial in order to provide our residents with the peace and quiet they need in order to spend their free time actively participating in the myriad of activities and possibilities which are at their disposal and to enjoy a cultural and social life in an intimate and supportive community.



Orna Shabtai

Siegfried Moses House Manager