Cultural, social and leisure life in the Houses of the CMH chain is manifold and diverse. This include lectures, workshops, classes, plays, movies, performances, concerts and events in varied fields.

The Pinchas Rosen House

vaunts a heated and closed swimming pool that has a restorative  hydrotherapy center which suits the older population, a gym, a physiotherapy room, a club that is used for exhibits and meetings, an events hall, a recreation and arts center which includes: a music room, hairdresser,  general library +  German library as well as green cultivated gardens. The main garden sports a regulatory petanque field where our residents enjoy competitions and ball games.

The Anita Miller-Cohen House

is proud of its tradition of "Café Anita", which takes place on Saturday mornings. The general public is invited to the House to enjoy coffee and home-made cakes, with pleasant classical music and sonorous piano melodies in the background.

At the Siegfried Moses House

there is the tradition of "AcadaMoses" – enrichment meetings intended for the elderly, which are held on Friday mornings. A large audience comes from outside the House to enjoy the fascinating lectures and partake of coffee and home-made cakes.

Cultural and social activities in the Houses are held morning, afternoon and evening and include: physical activity classes (gym, Feldenkrais, tai chi), creative and arts activity (drawing, pottery, jewelry making) and each afternoon there is a cultural activity in the large events hall. The activities include: lectures, concerts and movies, as well as afternoon coffee and cake, served in the House's spacious lobby.

The residents in the Houses are renown for their love of culture and arts. Some of them even exhibit their work in the galleries and exhibitions in the Houses. The Pinchas Rosen House is known for its love of music. Throughout the House there are no less than six pianos. It is often possible to find one of our residents playing the piano for his or her enjoyment with other residents joining in, either by playing an instrument or singing.

All of our Houses have a long-standing tradition of "Saturday  Culture", in which the best artists, authors, intellectuals, and people of culture in Israel participate. In addition, the residents of the Houses enjoy many activities which take place outside the House, such as: trips, exhibitions, museum tours, etc.


פעילויות התרבות והחברה בבתים מתקיימות הן בשעות הבוקר והן בשעות אחה"צ והערב והן כוללות: חוגי פעילות גופנית (התעמלות, פלדנקרייז, טאי צי), פעילות יצירתית ואומנותית (ציור, קרמיקה, תכשיטנות) ובכל יום בשעות אחה"צ מתקיימת פעילות תרבותית באולם האירועים הגדול. הפעילויות כוללות: הרצאות, קונצרטים וסרטים, קפה ועוגה בשעות אחה"צ המוגשים בלובי הרחב של הבית.

הדיירים בבתים ידועים באהבתם לתרבות ולאומנות. חלקם מציגים את עבודתם בגלריות ובתערוכות בבתים. בית פנחס רוזן ידוע באהבתו למוזיקה. ברחבי הבית מצויים שישה פסנתרים. לעיתים ניתן למצוא את אחד הדיירים מנגן להנאתו ודיירים נוספים מצטרפים אליו בנגינה ובשירה.

הבתים מקיימים מסורת ארוכת שנים של אירוע "שבתרבות" בהם מתארחים מיטב האומנים, הסופרים, אנשי הרוח והתרבות בישראל ובנוסף, נהנים דיירי הבתים מפעילויות רבות המתקיימות מחוץ לבית כגון: טיולים, הצגות, תערוכות, סיורים במוזאונים ועוד.