The Anita Miller Cohen Parents' House was founded in 1966, with the welfare of Austrian immigrants in mind. The House dedicated itself to being a warm, respectful and supportive home for members of the community.

Our House is family-oriented and is considered to be a "Protected Living Boutique".  Each resident receives respectful care with great attention being paid to the small details, since "God is in the small details".

It is of the utmost importance to the staff and I to ensure the dignity, security and privacy of the residents who reside with us. Openness as well as courteous and very professional service is important to us. We employ the best professionals to take care of our residents' health and welfare.

In my position, I see myself not only as being responsible for the welfare of the residents but also to create the most rewarding and graceful old age possible.

As the House Manager, I believe that high employee satisfaction leads to high satisfaction among the residents. Therefore, I invest in the employees as much as I can and take pains to ensure their welfare.

I, together with the Anita Miller Cohen employee staff, strive to constantly improve the level of service provided by us.

We seek to make our residents' stay as amiable as possible, so that they not only have a pleasant time but a tasty one too!

We never compromise on the level of service we provide!


Ofra robin

Anita Miller-Cohen House Manager