The Organization

The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin (AICEO)

 was established in 1932 during the Fifth Aliyah. Since then, it has continued to work for the benefit of Olim from the German-speaking countries of Central Europe-Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia --and their descendants

The AICEO has operated continuously over eight decades, remaining loyal to its core values alongside ongoing renewal and tailoring its activities to the Israeli reality and the changing needs.

AICEO – Main Activities

1. social and cultural activity - The AICEO runs branches in the three major cities. These branches are centers of social and cultural activity, such as classes, excursions and lectures for all ages, activities include volunteer projects such as a hotline to locate members in need of aid and contact with professional authorities and voluntary organizations.

2. Heritage- One of the main activities of the AICEO is perpetuating the heritage of Central European Jewry and instilling its values in the public discourse in Israel. Its widespread activities are designed to tell the story of the magnificent contribution made by the Central European Olim to the establishment of the State, in many different fields, and its influence on the character and development of Israel.

MB Yakinton has been published every few weeks since its establishment in 1932 with the start of the Jeckes Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.. Its uniqueness lies in the printed material's links to the Jeckes' descendants and heritage.

3. The Solidaritätswerk Mutual Assistance Enterprise for Members of the Community

The Solidaritätswerk was established in 1941 to assist needy Olim from Central European countries and their families. Since then, it has operated and continues to provide aid for community members in need, including the elderly and the sick. Higher Education and Research Scholarships

Each year, the Solidaritätswerk awards dozens of scholarships to encourage educational excellence.

Parents' Homes – Care for Senior Citizens

The AICEO was among the pioneers of modern institutionalized geriatric treatment in Israel. As early as the 1950s, the Association established an extensive network of parents' homes under the auspices of Chevrat Meonot Horim (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) and Chevrat Batei Horim (Haifa). Today, approximately 1,000 residents live in nine high-quality parents' homes run as subsidiary companies of the AICEO.

4.Immigration and Absorption

The AICEO assists and advises new Olim from German-speaking countries, serving as an information center regarding immigrants' rights, studies and employment, as well as a social and cultural meeting place for Olim..

5. Involvement in Israeli society In recent years, the AICEO has directed its activities toward involvement in society in general, while preserving its apolitical stance, and makes its voice heard regarding meaningful value-based topics.

The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin (NPO) – National Organization
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Tel Aviv / Central Branch/ The Solidaritätswerk
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Jerusalem Branch
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Haifa and Northern Branch, AICEO Haifa
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