Our Vision

The Vision

The mission of Chevrat Meonot Horim, since it was established 60 years ago, is to establish warm homes for people of distinguished age and to help them live lives full of dignity and interest during their old age.

It is our mission to serve as an additional safety belt, to be supportive and responsible for our residents and their families and to provide the most comprehensive and inclusive treatment sequence.

We strive to be a stellar organizational example in all that concerns the nurturing of employee staff and encouraging teamwork, partnership, dedication and loyalty.

Chain Charter

We, the employees of Chevrat Meonot Horim, undertake to provide personal, professional and valuable service, deriving from relationships of decency and mutual respect between us, our residents and our family members.

Since the chain was established 60 years ago, we, the employees, make care to keep, nurture and maintain the following values:

  • Professionalism and punctiliousness in care and in service
    Both in personal medical care as well as in the recreational and social activities
  • Maintaining the privacy and honor of the patient
  • Comfortable residential conditions and the highest-quality social and cultural activities
  • Maintaining the home-like character and warm, familial atmosphere