About Us

The Chevrat Meonot Horim Ltd., a public welfare company of the Central Europe Immigrants Organization R.F.  is A Protected Living for Those of Distinguished Age Chain.

The Chain was founded 60 years ago by the Central Europe Immigrants Organization, with the purpose of establishing warm houses for those of distinguished age and helping them live life full of dignity and interest.

The Chain is a public welfare company, has the status of a non-profit organization and has seniority, a reputation and many years of experience. All of its resources are invested in the Houses, the residents and in the many services provided.

Our Houses, which are located in the Ramat Hen neighborhood in Ramat Gan and in the Bakaa neighborhood adjacent to the German Colony in Jerusalem, offer a full treatment sequence, personal and professional service, and a myriad of recreational, social and cultural activities.

Since its establishment, the Chain maintains its prominent values:

Professional and Punctilious Treatment – both in personal medical care as well as recreational activities.

Safeguarding the privacy and dignity of the patient.

Comfortable residential conditions and top-quality social and cultural activities.

Maintaining a homey environment, in a warm and family atmosphere.



Treatment Principles:

A full treatment sequence – protected living, supported protected living and separate nursing departments.

Inclusive and efficient medical and para-medical services, which provide a response for various health situations and the changing needs of residents.

Medical care alongside holistic (inclusive) activity: social, physical, creative, cultural, spiritual/moral activity.

Professionalism, quality and a high level of care by an experienced, permanent staff, skilled and professional, well-versed in understanding the individual needs of each and every resident. Our staff is quite fluent in all of the special needs and problems and any changing and given situation.

Most of our employees have worked for over 20 years in the chain and have the seniority and professional experience which greatly contribute to the sense of security of our residents.