Pinchas Rosen House

The Pinchas Rosen House was established in 1951 and was the first house established in the CMH Chain. The House is located on Aluf David Street in the Ramat Hen neighborhood of Ramat Gan.

There is a variety of well-equipped and comfortable apartments in the house (garden apartments and apartments with sun terraces), a hydrotherapy center and swimming lessons which take place in a heated and closed pool, an activities and recreation center and a green garden in which events, concerts and performances take place.

The House offers a comprehensive treatment sequence, three meals a day, personal and professional care provided by a dedicated and expert team that provides available and quality care and a selection of recreational, social and cultural activities.

The House has undergone many changes over the years, and today provides an appropriate and fitting solution for each and every resident, as per their needs, in each of the three wings of the house:

The Independent Wing (which includes 76 residential units), a Supported Living Wing licensed by the Labor and Welfare Ministry (14 residential units) and a LTC Wing. Of course there are also many public areas such as:

The apartments include a modern kitchen with a food counter and refrigerator, wall closets, a washroom and distress buttons in each room. Most of the residents eat three meals a day in the dining room. The kitchen cooks fresh and nourishing home-cooked food (under dietician supervision).

Many cultural activities take place at the House, both in the mornings as well as in the afternoon. Each day, every person may choose one of the many activities which take place in the mornings. In the field of physical activity (exercise, Feldenkrais, tai chi) and/or arts and crafts (drawing, pottery, jewelry-making). Each afternoon, there is cultural activity in the large events hall, a lecture, concert or movie. The House is known for the love of its residents for music (six pianos can attest to this!) and therefore, many concerts are found to be of the highest quality.

The Pinchas Rosen House of course also undertakes to provide complete personal and medical security. The reception area is manned 24 hours a day with staff which can provide assistance (showers, clothing, moves) for residents who so require, as well as in their apartments in the Independent Wing.

The Pinchas Rosen House provides a familial and homey atmosphere which enables an intimate acquaintanceship between the staff and each and every resident.