Medical Care (de)

The Houses in the Chain offer a full treatment sequence (protected housing, supported protected housing with assistance for daily activities and separate nursing departments).

In addition, the Houses offer inclusive medical and para-medical services which provide a response to medical situations which may change from time to time. The care adapts itself to the resident while providing a comprehensive response, 24 hours a day.

The medical care is managed by a senior physician, an expert in geriatrics, who is at the disposal of the residents, together with the nursing and occupational team which includes experts in the care for LTC elderly. A qualified and experienced responsible nurse, a nursing staff, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician, social worker and "Snoezelen" trainer (multi-sense stimulation).

Supported Protected Residences

Provides a solution for people whose cognitive functions are normal, but nevertheless, they have various medical problems which cause them some disability in their physical function, which requires and necessitates assistance and support in daily activities. This department enables to postpone hospitalization in a nursing department, as the process involves many adaptation difficulties, both of the resident as well as of his family.

In supported protected residency, a person can, in his old age, continue to maintain his or her lifestyle in the framework of residency, which provides overall and full support and great accessibility of personal care by auxiliary forces.

For the independent residents in protected living, the existence of supported protected living, adjacent to the independent protected living, can assist at the time of a temporary or prolonged crisis when, Heaven forbid, they gradually lose their functioning ability. The residents will be able to transit to the status of supported protected living as a preliminary stage and before they require nursing care. Supported protected living can also serve as a quality solution for periods of illness or a temporary crisis, based on available space.

Separate Nursing Departments

The nursing departments are intended for people who need nursing care and expert and  professional medical monitoring. In addition to the medical and professional care, the residents enjoy recreational and social activities, occupational therapy  and palliative care (relief).

The dedicated care of the treating staff in the Chain's Houses is always done while providing full respect to the resident and the members of his family and with the purpose of improving and benefitting the quality of life.