The Anita Miller-Cohen House

The Anita Miller-Cohen House is located adjacent to the central square of the Ramat Hen neighborhood and has a classic European look which fits in with the scenic view of the single-story homes in the neighborhood.

The House is named after Mrs. Anita Miller-Cohen RIP, who was born in 1890 in Vienna, Austria, to a wealthy Jewish family. By profession, Mrs. Miller-Cohen was a social worker, journalist and politician, who initiated many relief and rescue activities for Jews and Gentiles during the world wars and thereafter. Anita established the "Social Women's Service" and was one of those who established and ran the "Social Help Bureau" and the "Mizrachi Women's Federation". In addition, she was also the president of the Austrian Immigrants' Union.

Anita passed away in 1962 and in 1966, the old-age home in Ramat-Hen was established, in her name.

The Anita Miller-Cohen House integrates a homey residence environment alongside a long standing tradition of personal and professional service, offers a variety of well-equipped and comfortable apartments, a full treatment sequence, three meals a day, personal and professional care provided by a dedicated and expert staff which provides accessible and quality care and a variety of leisure, social and cultural activities.

The House enjoys strong community ties and the arrival of many outside guests, who come to visit and take part in the social and cultural events. Additionally, the house has a long-standing tradition of "Café Anita", which takes place on Saturday mornings and to which the general public is invited to enjoy coffee and house cakes, with the sonorous sounds of piano in the background.